Road transport

International road transport occupies a significant share of the transport services market. It is automobile transportation that allows you to deliver cargo from door to door. Freight forwarding company " Alconta Logistics, located in Novorossiysk, offers international road transportation in the CIS countries, as well as near and far abroad.

At the same time, the company offers the following types of services:

  • registration of the package of necessary documentation for transportation;
  • transportation of oversized and heavy loads;
  • insurance and freight forwarding;
  • provision of storage facilities;
  • customs services


According to the legislation of Russia, international road transport is divided on the basis of the information contained in the international consignment note into the following types:

  • two-sided;
  • transit;
  • transportation to or from other countries.

The process of international road transport itself consists of three main stages:

  • loading;
  • transportation;
  • unloading.

International road transport

This type of transport is accessible to everyone. Transshipment points are not needed, and as a result, the speed of delivery increases.

If you use road transport, then you can apply a more flexible logistics scheme, as well as ensure its high-speed shipment, since there is no need to consolidate the cargo.

International road freight transportation is considered to be the most popular, convenient and affordable types of transportation, as it allows cargo delivery directly from the location of the sender to the place of residence of the recipient. At the same time, additional infrastructure elements such as sea and river ports, air terminals, railway stations and access roads are not required.

International transportation by road is the movement of goods by road over the territory of several (two or more) countries that are carried out on the basis and conditions determined by contracts (bilateral or multilateral) between the carrier and the customer and in accordance with international law and regulatory documents of individual countries.

Advantages of organizing international road transport with ALCONTA LOGISTICS

  • We are always ready to provide clients with free consultations on all issues related to the services we offer
  • Considering the value of each transported cargo, our company strives not only to provide a transportation service, but also to ensure its safety and security as much as possible
  • We will provide control at all stages of cargo transportation: during loading, en route and at the place of unloading, promptly solving all problems that arise
  • Considering the annual volume of goods transported, our company can afford to offer our customers favorable and quite affordable prices for the services we offer
  • We will take care of all the necessary documentation for the transportation of goods, including insurance and customs clearance

Prices for international road transport

The cost of international freight transportation depends on a number of different parameters, including the range of transportation, the nature of the cargo, its weight and dimensions, the type of vehicles used in this case, etc.

The final cost of the required services can be clarified with our consultant.

To order international road freight transportation in our company, you need to make an appropriate application. To do this, just call or send us an e-mail, after which our specialist will contact you to clarify all questions.

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