Wholesale purchases in China: TOP 5 popular product groups

Planning international transportation to Novorossiysk of various goods from China, it is necessary to make sure that the selected product is relevant on the Russian market. Such an object will be in great demand, and the company will quickly recapture the money invested in the initial purchase on sales.

If the wrong choice is made the delivery of goods from Turkey to Novorossiysk turns out to be unprofitable due to the inability to sell the purchased goods in bulk. This situation is dangerous for business and leads to fatal consequences for the brand. According to this criterion, the items sold are divided into 4 categories:

  • popular;
  • rarely of interest;
  • super popular;
  • uninteresting goods for the layman.

The focus on international transportation to Novorossiysk should be on things that are in moderate but stable demand. If you find a product with an avalanche of spreading popularity, then you need to hurry up with sales, since the locomotive will also leave quickly.

More often t customs clearance in Novorossiysk is applied to various electronic equipment and mobile gadgets. These are new phones, headphones, bracelets. A lot of people order batteries for electrification of bicycles and scooters. In the list of shipments the logistics company of Novorossiysk often finds children's toys, single-use goods and goods sold by weight. The demand for purchases from China and Turkey is explained by more than 3 times lower prices, a huge selection and fast delivery. Many items arrive at the pick-up point in 2 weeks after the order. This state of affairs makes any business more stable.

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