Delivery of equipment from China and Turkey to Novorossiysk

Almost all enterprises in the country use the services of customs clearance in Novorossiysk for the supply of various production equipment and components to the plant. This is one of the ways of transactions under foreign economic contracts, during which the customer receives new technologies and the opportunity to produce higher-quality, competitive goods. Large companies are independently engaged in international transportation to Novorossiysk. Small and medium-sized firms prefer to turn to specialized organizations dealing with foreign economic activity. They take over the functions of registration, escort of goods and their certification for legal import into the country.

Industrial equipment belongs to the types of goods that require:

  • availability of various accompanying documentation;
  • organization of complex loading and unloading processes;
  • customs procedure.

Complexity of services the delivery of goods from Turkey to Novorossiysk involves certain difficulties. It is necessary to have work experience and a sufficient number of connections to successfully conclude transactions. The company offers customs clearance in Novorossiysk on favorable terms. Specialists regularly work with cargoes from different countries and offer a full range of work from planning delivery routes to organizing the securing of transported objects in accordance with its shape and design features.

Novorossiysk Logistics company works with single transported equipment and production lines. Then the customer is required to provide all the documents, as well as a description of the principle of operation, composition and layout of the components in the complex.

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