A 12-level system for assessing the reliability of Chinese suppliers

The stability and quality of transportation of various goods has an impact on business development. To exclude possible risk factors Novorossiysk Logistics Company offers customers to familiarize themselves with the 12-level reliability assessment system of Chinese suppliers.

Its essence lies in verifying information about suppliers and providing guarantees to the customer of the arrival of goods in the appropriate quality and configuration. International transportation to Novorossiysk is constantly expanding, which requires the introduction of appropriate control systems.

The evaluation system includes 12 stages of verifying company information:

  • obtaining data on state registration;
  • checking for an export license;
  • analysis of the authorized capital of the supplier organization;
  • verification of the presence of the CE certificate;
  • studying the popularity of the company on the Internet, including searching for information about it on third-party sites and b2b advertising services;
  • search for domain information using Whois tools in order to determine who the domain is registered to and for how long;
  • studying blacklists and searching for a company through maps so that you can see the current state of affairs near the supplier directly from Google photos;
  • reconciliation of photographic materials from the site with image sales services;
  • verification of the company by proforma invoice;
  • before cargo delivery from Turkey to Novorossiysk is also carried out on a trip to the enterprise in order to see everything with your own eyes.

Verification of the legitimacy of the manufacturer and supplier is an important component of any business. He often turns out to be unscrupulous or uses illegal schemes, which leads to serious consequences, starting with damage to property due to poor quality of products, ending with fines.

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